Here's an interesting twist on the frivolous lawsuit statute, generously provided by Kip, a reader of the site:
First hearing would be an evidentiary hearing; then, the case would be put on one of the following tracts:
Finding option # 1 - Frivolous 
Action: Case dismissed; attorneys fees awarded against Plaintiff and their attorney to the defendant
Finding option # 2- Plaintiff not likely to prevail
Action: Case is allowed to proceed / Requiring a bond from plaintiff to pay all defendants costs if 
defendant prevails
Finding option #3 - Coin toss / Neither party has the advantage
Action: Case is allowed to proceed / Mandatory settlement conference scheduled / If defending party tenders 
an offer of settlement and it is declined by the plaintiff and the jury award is less than the 
settlement offer then plaintiff would be required to pay defendants attorney costs.  Plaintiffs 
would be required to obtain a bond.
Finding option # 4- Plaintiff is likely to prevail
Action: Case is allowed to proceed- business as usual

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